Deeper Roleplay Through Spells

In many games, including D&D 5e, there is a common pool of spells. Each class can access a subset of this pool. Many spells are available to several classes.

There is one unintended side effect of this. Casting spells feels pretty stale. One party could have a druid, ranger and wizard who all can cast Absorb Elements. They came into their magic in different ways. The wizard studied and practiced until perfect. The druid draws their power from nature. The ranger… I dunno, how do rangers get magic? Anyway, they do the same thing despite working differently.

Is this a problem? Not really. But fixing it forces to add extra richness to our character. And it forces us to confront how magic works.

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Creativity and Pokemon Go

Can Pokemon Go increase your creativity? Absolutely. Learn how to get the most out of it:

I mentioned how Pokemon Go can help and hurt creativity. There’s something interesting about this. The ways it hurts creativity all relate to smartphone usage. But the benefits come from way the game works. If Pokemon Go were a disembodied app, there would be no downsides.

In any case, Pokemon Go’s boost to your creativity is strong. So now you have another excuse to download it.

Yes, You Are Creative

If you are human and breathing, then you are creative.

The book I mention is Dr Shelley Carson’s Your Creative Brain. As her website explains, the seven creative thinking skills (or “brainsets”) are:

  • Connect,
  • Reason,
  • Envision,
  • Absorb,
  • Transform,
  • Evaluate, and
  • Stream.

If you are skilled with at least one of these brainsets, then you are creative. And I promise you, at least one of these feels natural to you.

If you want to learn how to be more creative, you should see this book. In the meantime, check out my posts on the subject.