Sometimes it’s as if the internet has everything you need. Of course, someone is on the other end of every connection. This is my contribution to the global repository of gaming resources.

I’m sure you can find a use for these in your games. If you do, please let me know.



  • Monster Art – simple pencil sketches of monsters. Well suited for kaiju.
  • Phoenix Art – mix of pencil and digital images of phoenixes. More than just fire phoenixes, too.
  • Humanoid Art – don’t want magic birds or monsters? Humanoid fantasy folk in a range of styles.
  • Spellcaster Art – digital art of magic-users.
  • Warrior Art – if your character fights at melee range, they might be depicted in these digital drawings.

Character creation:

  • D&D 5e characters – one character for each core class in 5e. Includes character sheets.
  • Evil PC backstories – one evil character per core class in 5e. Their backstories make them playable – they have motivations beyond “kill and burn everything”.
  • Character Concept: Kagesan – imagine a temple with a secret order of elite warriors. Who are these warriors?
  • American D&D Characters – one character per 5e core class, inspired by legendary figures from American history.
  • Character Concept: Soundmage – take spellcasters and redefine their sources of power. In this case, a list of magic-users who use sound.
  • Character Concept: The Aggravating Warrior – imagine a warrior whose deliberate strategy was to be infuriating. Instead of, you know, it being an accident.
  • Character Concept: Blood Cleric – a cleric to a murdered deity uses different magic to others. What would the normal spells look like once tainted with blood?


  • Puzzles – interesting puzzles for your D&D or RPG campaign.
  • Less-than-logical Puzzles – puzzles that rely less on maths and more on thinking like a crazy puzzle-designer.
  • Long Puzzles – some puzzles protect a door. Others encompass entire buildings.
  • Encounter: Scavenger Hunt – a powerful weapon was lost to history. You hold the first clue as to its location.
  • Maths puzzles – how to use the scienciest of puzzles in the most fantastical of fantasy settings.


  • Nest of Steel [PDF] – strange activities can be traced to one creature: a powerful metal phoenix.
  • The Cracking Sky [PDF] – an evil wizard casts a word-cracking ritual in the heart of a large city. Can the party break the siege, brave the streets and stop this powerful spell?
  • The Vain Eternal [PDF] – in this Zelda-inspired encounter, the party finds a lake frozen in time. A great threat lies at its heart.
  • Triumphant Darkness [PDF] – the lich who conquered the world has a serious problem. To face it, he revives history’s greatest villains, aka, the party.
  • Mindtrap: A Mental Encounter – an old wizard discreetly traps the party within their own minds. A psychological trap and encounter.