Mindtrap: A Mental Encounter

Recently, my players decided to rob the wealthiest noble family in a drow city. I didn’t see this coming, even though I should have. Of course I should have. It was money, dangled in front of PCs. What else would they have done?

Anyway, I’m running this drow city off the cuff. I have a map showing the strongholds of the noble families. I know the goals, styles and key members of these families. Everything else, I make up as needed. It’s a refreshing break from my habit of overpreparing. But it did mean that I needed an awesome security system on the fly. I mean, the drow don’t mess around. The wealthiest family’s treasure horde is going to be well-protected. Guards and pressure plates aren’t going to cut it. They need something awesome.

It also turns out that this wealthy family are talented psionists. This makes it clear what the defence should be: something that attacks the mind. A psionic dungeon.

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Character Concept: Blood Cleric

It was the worst case of ‘bad timing’ in history. Trintellia – goddess of flowers, birth and fertility – had watched over the land for millennia. Countless beings had worshipped her over the generations. Millions were indoctrinated into her churches.

It was rotten luck that Sabore received her blessing the exact moment she was slain. He felt the goddess’ light and beauty pour into him. He felt her anguish as the demon prince’s darkblade pierced her flesh. He felt the source of everything good and pure die, even as her last light permeated his essence.

Sabore wields divine powers, but they are corrupted by Trintellia’s murder. The goddess’ blood washed over his soul, leaving its mark. His hands carry stains that no scrubbing can remove. He had hoped to be a source of light; instead, his magic leaves people cowering in fear. He is a priest like all others – merely alone with the knowledge that his goddess’ death will never leave him.


Imagine a cleric with all the usual abilities, only his spells resemble blood magic. Such a character would be a treasure to roleplay, torn between the power to do good and the appearance of a villain. It would be a crime to describe his spells like normal cleric spells. How would you make a blood cleric’s magic stand out?

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Roleplaying is a skill you can learn. Now, there is a textbook for it.

The Creative Roleplayer is a guide for those of you who are hungry for more. Whether a Player or a Game Master, this guide will elevate your game to the next level. Rich with simple, practical advice, it will transform the way you do everything. This system-neutral advice works with D&D, Pathfinder, FATE, GURPS and many more.

Inside, you will find:

  • tips for creating unique characters,
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  • advice on making the story memorable,
  • techniques for drawing your character (without needing artistic skills),
  • body language tricks for captivating your fellow players,
  • simple hacks for memorising stats and playing from memory,

And many more vital gaming skills. Every tool is fast and effective, optimised to give you the greatest result from the least effort. After applying these techniques, your game will run smoother and transfix your party. Your creations will be more memorable than ever.

Your imagination is wonderful. The world deserves your mental designs to be the best they can. With this guide, we can achieve that together.


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Character Concept: Soundmage

I like how many sources of magic there are in D&D. Wizards study how magic works and learn to manipulate it. Druids draw power from nature. Sorcerers spontaneously manifest magical energy. Psionic classes reach deep within their minds. Warlocks make pacts with beings greater than themselves.

Every now and then, I think about new sources of magic. What’s been buzzing in my head lately (so to speak) has been sound. Imagine a singer with a gorgeous voice. They are slowly realising that their talents are not entirely natural. Their passion, their joy, their source of fame is a conduit for strange magic…

Can you play a soundmage without creating a homebrew class? Absolutely. Simply take a core class and personalise their abilities.

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American D&D Characters

Image source: Jnn13, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:US_Flag_Backlit.jpg

I love a good theme (or is this a bad gimmick?). To help our American friends celebrate the 4th of July, I put together a list of famous, iconic Americans who would make great D&D characters.

If you feel any of these descriptions don’t capture the essence of these historical figures, this is your chance to set me right in the comments below.

May your next game be… fireworks.

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