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Hello. Welcome. Have a look around.

What is this place?

Good question. Let me answer that question with a question: when was the last time you lost yourself in a game? Take a moment to think about it. Was it a phone game, simple but addictive, that made a bus trip go by in a blink? A board game with friends, the hours melting under the clatter of dice and tokens? An epic video game session that left you feeling tired, hungry, thirsty, yet exhilarated?

This place is that feeling, but in blog form.

Where should I start?

If you are a Game Master or player in a tabletop RPG, you should see my Resources page. There is information there for everyone.

If you enjoy creativity, browse through my Thinking Out Loud category. You’ll be smarter and more creative by the end.

If you like exploring new ways to think about your gaming, scroll through my blog and find something that jumps out at you.


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