Character Concept: Blood Cleric

It was the worst case of ‘bad timing’ in history. Trintellia – goddess of flowers, birth and fertility – had watched over the land for millennia. Countless beings had worshipped her over the generations. Millions were indoctrinated into her churches.

It was rotten luck that Sabore received her blessing the exact moment she was slain. He felt the goddess’ light and beauty pour into him. He felt her anguish as the demon prince’s darkblade pierced her flesh. He felt the source of everything good and pure die, even as her last light permeated his essence.

Sabore wields divine powers, but they are corrupted by Trintellia’s murder. The goddess’ blood washed over his soul, leaving its mark. His hands carry stains that no scrubbing can remove. He had hoped to be a source of light; instead, his magic leaves people cowering in fear. He is a priest like all others – merely alone with the knowledge that his goddess’ death will never leave him.


Imagine a cleric with all the usual abilities, only his spells resemble blood magic. Such a character would be a treasure to roleplay, torn between the power to do good and the appearance of a villain. It would be a crime to describe his spells like normal cleric spells. How would you make a blood cleric’s magic stand out?


Sabore touches the barbarian’s shoulder, his eyes flickering with effort. Hot blood drips from beneath his fingers. The barbarian sighs, her bloodshot eyes going wide with excitement. “Hoo boy,” she says, stretching her muscles, “what a rush!”

With this theme, Guidance enriches the blood and directs it to where it’s needed. It is as much a symbol of life as it is of death.

Sacred Flame

The assassin was well-hidden in the rafters. The priestess – his target – was deep in prayer, her back to him. He had lost those pesky adventurers back at the inn. Now it was just him and his prey, completely at his mercy. Death would come swiftly.

He sensed it before he heard it. Like the flow of a river, coming from directly above him. He tumbled to the side, a fraction of a second too slow. Golden blood drenched the left side of his body, bypassing the skin and searing his soul. The adventurers had caught up, it seemed.

Flames aren’t the only thing that can descend on evil-doers. A searing rain of blood will also do the trick, while freaking out anyone that sees it. Not bad for a cantrip, hey?


Garl’gresh snarled. The cityfolk were here for their young, he knew it. Didn’t they know those young were to be sacrificed to the mighty one? They should feel honoured; instead, they bring steel to his clan.




Everything fell silent. All Garl’gresh could hear was his heart rattling in his chest. All he could see was the blood pulsing behind his eyes. The universe beyond his skin seemed to fade away. Ba-boom. Ba-boom.

Then, out of the silence, came a single word: “Approach.”

Garl’gresh calmly walked towards the voice. It must be important, he figured, being the only thing he could hear. A sudden slashing pain across his throat brought him back to his senses, as he felt his blood escaping into the universe beyond his skin.

Command is a fascinating spell. You could spend hours playing with exactly how it works. For our blood cleric, how else would it work but by through bewitching the blood?

Feign Death/Calm emotions

The Blade Princess stopped running. The swordsmen and his friends had infiltrated the castle and murdered her prisoner, the elf ambassador. She was honour-bound to end their lives. She knew this. Yet it all seemed so pointless. What difference would killing them make? What’s done is done.

She drew her cloak around her. The air had a chill to it, she realised. She had followed the murderers into the snow, oblivious to the cold. Now, with her rage gone, the wind was starting to nip at her exposed skin. The Blade Princess returned to the warm castle to oversee the disposal. As an enemy of the crown, the elf’s body was to be dumped in the forest for the wolves to enjoy. The murderers had deprived her of an evening of torture, but at least the rebellion leader was dead.

Manipulating the pulse has 1001 uses.


Now it’s your turn. How would you play a blood cleric?

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