What I’d Like From Dungeons & DraGOns

It is difficult to contact companies with product ideas.

Sure, I mean, I get it. I wouldn’t want to be spammed by clueless lunatics either (hey! what did I just say about me?!). And there could be legal issues? The person will have written documentation proving they came up with the idea. So. Yeah. I see how it makes sense.

… but do you ever wonder that maybe you’re missing out on gold? People go to a lot of effort to crowdsource ideas. Maybe letting people email you their clueless lunacy is the smart play.

Oh, and for the record: my ideas are fair game. If you can use them better than I can, I am thrilled. A little recognition would be nice but, hey, do what you want.

My products, possessions and kidneys, though – don’t steal those.

Anyway, today I came up with about ten ideas for products/services. About half were best done by existing companies, so I sent them off as best I could. But, like I say, it’s hard. This idea was last on the list and I guess I ran out of patience.

So, Wizards of the Coast: this is my incredibly roundabout way of contacting you.

I imagine WotC is looking into the runaway success that is Pokemon GO. I imagine most companies are. But WotC have a nerdy fanbase and a connection to the Pokemon franchise so surely it has to come up over coffee at least. Here is what I, as a random D&D- and PokeGO-addict, would like to see from Dungeons & DraGOns:

  • Keep the random encounters. Replace Pidgey with goblins. Replace Zubat with anything other than Zubat omg.
  • Keep the PokeStops. Maybe they don’t give supplies, maybe they do, but lots of places to visit would be great.
  • Keep the gyms. Make them dungeons instead. I have ideas on how this could work.
  • I like the eggs, so keep that somehow. Maybe magic arrows that need to be walked to be attuned. I dunno. It doesn’t have to make sense, right?

So far, so derivative. What would DraGOns have that GO doesn’t?

  • PokeGO is all about aimless wandering. Keep that; it’s great. But also include quests. What would quests look like? Maybe WoW-style grinding (“kill 12 kobolds because I am busy with my tax return” or something). Maybe “go to this random stop ~3km away”. That last one would be great. It would add to the exploration – a key part of D&D.
  • None of this hurl-a-Pokeball-at-a-perfectly-healthy-Rattata business. You have a sword, a bow and/or a magic wand. You better be able to use them.
  • Dungeons, in place of gyms. Dungeons would be like pocket dimensions embedded in the landscape (just like in D&D). They would be procedurally-generated and complex. Low-level noobs could explore the first few rooms. Powerful noobs could dive deep into the dungeons, finding cool monsters and epic loot.
  • Random catastrophes. An earthquake shuts down all dungeons – quick, everyone must (collectively) complete 10m quests. The kobold population BOOMS – quick, every get to whacking. There’s a magic storm – quick, everyone cast fireball because it does double damage now. The king is dying – quick, everyone donate money and gear for some reason.
  • Party play. GO lets you both beat up the same Exeggutor at the same time. Cool. DraGOns would sync the dungeon raids so you enter as a single party. Compare this to attacking the same gym from different sides somehow. Or however it works in PokeGO.
  • Non-random catastrophes. Tie them to national holidays or something. I dunno. I just really like this idea.

That’s ten features to get us started. Anyone have anything they want to add?

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