Encounter: Scavenger Hunt

The mad wizard Golbern has awakened the Scorpion Legion from its eons of slumber. When they last arose, they almost destroyed the world. A mighty Archer, wielding the powerful Bow of Wisdom, eventually defeated them.

Before his death, the Archer buried the Bow. He believed that it was too great a weapon to remain in the world. But, should the Scorpion Legion rise again, clever and brave heroes could follow the clues that lead to its resting place.

The party found the Archer’s map in some ancient, forgotten library. One the back was scribbled the first clue…

Map generated using http://inkarnate.com


Clue 1:

All my clues are what you need if the Bow it is you seek,

Find the places on my map where the grid lines cross and meet,

The next clue lies where rivers stop and crack beneath your feet,

And rings no longer increment in this place so dead and bleak.

ANSWER: In the forest of dead trees in the icy area is a statue with Clue 2 engraved on it.


Clue 2:

Take respite from icy winds but find no comfort here,

Crack the shell and hold your breath: find my next clue near.

ANSWER: Below the frozen lake is a stone tablet with Clue 3.


Clue 3:

Each clue, you see, brings you closer to me,

And on the right track you are – you are clever as can be,

So I’ll tell you which direction in which you all should flee,

To figure out the distance, ask: what rhymes with me?

ANSWER: Three (rhymes with me) spaces East (first letter of each line) leads to the middle lake. At the bottom of the lake is a tunnel that leads to an underground dungeon. Clue 4 is here, guarded by monsters and traps.


Clue 4:


ANSWER: The letters rearrange to give MOUNTAINS – only one grid intersection is in the mountains. An earth elemental who is worshipped by local tribesfolk guards Clue 5.


Clue 5:

Welcome earnest saviours to

Our next encounter,

So off u trot hastily

Through wearisome obstacles.

ANSWER: The first letters of each word spell WEST ONE, SOUTH TWO, which leads to the nearby lake. At the bottom of the lake at this coordinate is a magically pressurised chamber. Inside stands the Archer, guarding his treasured Bow of Wisdom even in death. He will not part with it willingly and will fight to protect it.

After the Archer is defeated, the adventurers will have a short time to collect the Bow before the magical seal breaks and the chamber is flooded. Finally, with Bow in hand, they are ready to face the Scorpion Legion…


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