Encounter: The Cracking Sky

There’s a flash of light from the direction of the Capital, as if the sky itself is straining. Thunder rolls over the land, rattling your bones even from this distance. You see demons, thousands of them, descending from the tortured sky upon the helpless city…

Another thrilling encounter for everyone to enjoy. This one is a grand battle, a worthy climax to an epic story-arc. Speaking of which: players of my campaign, please look elsewhere. Here lies crazy spoilers.

Like the Nest of Steel, this design is modular – you can take any of its three parts in isolation, or mix and match as you see fit. A shorter version of this would involve dropping either Part A or Part B – the encounter would still run smoothly. Also like Nest of Steel, this is a system-neutral overview. This allows you to tailor it to your system and your party’s level.

It’s also long, deep and meaningful.

I’ve had an idea like this brewing in the back of my mind for a while, but what made this gel was the inspiration for Part B. And that inspiration was, of all things, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, I won’t give my opinion about that trainwreck of a movie here, but I will say that I mostly enjoyed the scene near the start: Bruce Wayne in Metropolis as everything goes to hell. The city is (literally) falling apart and he is on the clock. Like your PCs in this encounter, he is in the middle of something much bigger and more dangerous than he can handle.

Naturally, Part B is an unusual sort of encounter. Part A – sneaking through the siege – can’t be beaten by standing and fighting. Part C is the closest thing to a “normal” fight, with an objective more important than Kill all the Enemy. The result is something memorable. I’m sure your players will enjoy it.

The Cracking Sky (PDF)

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